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Here's what folks are saying...

"I was skeptical, yet curious. Surprisingly the process was relaxing, educational, thought-provoking and extremely effective! I nestled into a large sofa with a blanket and allowed my unconscious mind to reveal itself.

Do I really believe that? I do now. In just a few sessions, SCIO allowed my body/mind to unravel years of extreme stress, release physical pain, change poor eating habits, and noticeably unblock my energy. I have since recommended this extraordinary experience to friends and family. "

J.R. Petaluma, CA


"I feel nurtured during my SCIO sessions. Wendy takes care to make sure I am comfortable. I never feel any judgments coming from her questions as I share my background in answer to her questions. She is skilled in gently keeping me in the present moment.

At the first session, Wendy asked me to rate my level of stress in response to . . . . . As I witnessed my answers I was surprised by the level of stress I was living with. So when Wendy asked me what I wanted to work on that day, it was a no brainer "my stress!" The session was very enjoyable and relaxing.

Because of circumstances of my youth, I have never felt safe I'm are talking bottom line safe. The day after my first SCIO session I had a profound experience while meditating. In summary a healing happened between my mother and my younger self. I experienced for the first time what it felt like to be safe. That feeling is always with me now. I believe the SCIO and Wendy helped to create the relaxation I needed to go deep enough to have this transformation. For that I am very grateful!!"

K.L. Sebastopol CA


" I wasn't quite sure what to expect from my first SCIO session, but I was pleased with the experience and the results. Wendy was thorough, patient, and really listened, and I could feel the energy moving. When I left the session I had a deep sense of peace that I didn't have when I arrived, I had been in sort of a spiritual funk for weeks before SCIO, and a day or two after my session I noticed a real difference, like a dark cloud had been lifted off me."

Kim I. Santa Rosa CA


"Thank you Wendy! After an incredible SCIO session with Wendy, I feel like I have been on a weeklong meditation or chigong retreat. I am deeply relaxed and there is a harmony in my body that definitely effects (affects?) the mind with a sense of well being.

Over the last year I have been dealing with some health problems, specifically overwhelm from a big job that I took on, and a serious back/hip injury with severe nerve and spinal injuries. Wendy skillfully, compassionately and sensitively guides me through different issues that arise. With her aid, there as been deep releasing of some issues that led to the overwhelm, the anger at myself for taking on so much and subsequent back injury. I have had tremendous results with this Biofeedback.

I would recommend her to anyone who is not fully satisfied and happy about their life. "

Sandy Shelton


" I saw Wendy for a SCIO biofeedback session because i could't sleep no matter what i did. I've had just one session. I slept the very first night,and my sleep continues to improve and it's been almost a year now. Not only do I sleep better but I no longer worry about not sleeping. I didn't even need sleep aids when traveling to India. The biggest thing is being free from the constant worry of not getting enough sleep."

Suzie E. Healdsburg, CA


"My husband and I tried SCIO for our home in Mexico. We don't live there, but we did not want to sell it; renting it long term meant we could not enjoy it either. We could not agree on anything and things were very tense around it. After the SCIO work with Wendy, we gained new insights about the house that gave us a clearer picture of where it stands and about our personal relation to it. Soon after that, we began receiving requests to rent it for weekends or week-long stays! Now it is almost paying for its own expenses, and we still get to keep it and enjoy it. I would have never imagined how stuck we were. That one session loosened the knots. Thank you, Wendy! "

N.H. Sebastopol


" I am amazed by how specific the SCIO sessions are. I have no idea HOW it works. I only know that it does, even via phone, long distance. I enjoy the sessions and appreciate Wendy's intuition. The sessions jump started growth in areas I had not been able to tap myself. I feel lighter. I am kinder to myself, much less hard on myself and more patient with myself. This translates to a better handling of business as well as everyday life.

I am more aware of the gifts that I posses and feel more confident in sharing those gifts with others. I'm discovering more of the truth of who I really am."

M.A. Boulder Creek CA


" First of all thanks for you great "neutral" energy in allowing the session to be a success. My eating habits have literally changed so that I am now eating for fuel nearly 100 percent of the time. No more over eating, emotional eating, or eating the wrong foods at the wrong time. My energy is back up, and creativity and clarity abound. It was somewhat uncomfortable to feel my body become unfamiliar during the change. But once I put two and two together, I was thrilled. Thanks for offering this amazing service."

B Harris, Sebastopol CA