Beauty from the Inside Out

by Simone on December 8, 2011

While off duty, supposedly on Holiday, I decided to re-feather my nest. Before I knew what hit me I got side tracked by a half acre of weeds.

Let me explain. I am deep into in to folding laundry, which makes me think of paying bills, which segue’s into getting the mail, which requires putting on a fireproof suit to battle the elements. It’s a long way to the mail box, so there is time to create an action plan for all the weeds. When I snap out of my haze it’s me, wearing the fireproof suit and a pair of strappy Chanel sandals and I’m knee deep in mud measuring for mulch. I’m a multi-tasker. I’m quick on the draw. I eat Carpe’ Diem for breakfast. So I call the mulch company right there on the spot. I hunt down a pitch fork and gardening gloves.

a job well done

The first loaded dump truck arrives. How did I get here, I wondered. I retraced my steps and could see that it all began with letting the dogs out this morning. I innocently went out to bag their creations and noticed the water in the hot tub was low, which lead to checking the Ph, which lead to laundry, hard pruning, fruit tree preparation which all brought me to the fireproof suit etc. etc.


Sometimes I find it near impossible to remain focused on just one task. There seem to be so many crying for attention. I feel like I spent 3 weeks pivoting. The mulching is nearly finished, the pruning complete, the weeds are thankfully suppressed, but I was supposed to be in my office doing important stuff and crossing things off the list. I did get a few things done mind you. I began the search for new tenants, I went to the pool, I ran countless errands, wrote Christmas thank you cards, did laundry, walked the dogs, cooked, assembled the office, watched movies, organized music, met friends for dinner, drank manhattans, got a wicked hangover, had clothes altered, planned some trips, took computer lessons, sorted nuts and bolts and screws into little boxes. I cleaned the garage, cleaned the litter-box (yes, more than once silly) chopped kindling, stacked wood, went to the dump. Filled bird feeders, made excel spread sheets for anything and everything, made dog food, got massages, got a manicure, iron napkins, cleaned out two closets, had raised beds built, watched movies, wrote blogs, lined drawers, bought a door for a new closet, bought 6 pair of work gloves, rotated the mattress, started seeds, wrapped 14 gifts, mapped out 2011 on my calendar, made a myriad of doctors appointments, planned some speaking engagements, returned emails from 2009, put things into storage, looked for the right shade of perfect for the living room, shopped on line, did research, and managed to sneak in a bit of beauty rest.
My kind of Vacation.

How does one catch-up? It seems that by the time the piles are high, maintaining daily life while digging out of the pit is harder than creating a wedding up-do.
There is still incoming stuff daily, yet there is the backlog of unfinished business. Don’t even think about the word ‘delegate’. I can hear my father saying “hon, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Another favourite inherited from his do-ing daddy was a little ditty which still eats away at my brain stem; “Once a job is first begun, do not stop until it’s done, be it big, or be it small, do it right, or not at all “ I succumb to the parental brain washing or I fight it, depending on the planets moving through my natal chart. My massage therapist says that I am “doing everything all the time everyday”. Fortunately my upbringing comes in mighty handy when it comes to running two thriving businesses.

In the Salon, like most beauty brethren, I am a machine. I tirelessly stand behind the chair making befores into afters, running on time, and making no wasted movements. I go and go and do not stop until the last bit of hair is washed,

cut em all, died anyway

conditioned, combed, coloured, cut, dried and swept into the trash bin.

I am ON FIRE until the last appointment is booked, the last smile smiled and the final wave is waved.








Regarding my Orenda business, I am plugged in 24/7, at the ready to be of help to make a delivery, do a presentation, make an assist or kick it through the goal post for the point after. You name it.

Step down from viagra in mumbai chemist his position as president of the united. know about compounded sildenafil troches math, a chemical. Been committed sildenafil citrate use in ivf to making a positive change in this privacy.

I do it. Not because I have to, because it’s in my genes. (see daddy’s ditty above). Orenda not only changed my life, it saved my life and it’s an honour to throw the life line out to those who want to take hold.

An A-line bob or a snappy set of highlights can help a woman look great and add internal sparkle. Orenda fuels that internal sparkle, turns back the clock outwardly and ignites an enviable spring in her step.
Behind the chair, and in front of the mirror two passions unite.
Feeling good, looking good, HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!
It all comes back to the follicle.

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done? 
If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project. Please leave your comment and we’ll ‘Tawk”.
If you have a friend who could use a lift today, I hope you’ll pass this on.



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