Don't cast your pearls before swine

by Simone on December 22, 2010

Often a client asks to have “just the dead ends” cut off. I try to feel what they’re asking for, I go with the flow, I confidently press on as if I can tell the difference between a dead end and entire dead strand. Hair is dead, right? I admit, I am grasping at straws each time I am given this job.

(it’s all dead, right?)

It’s sort of like when some one asks me “how are you?” I’m never sure how to answer. Do i cast my pearls? Do I tell them how I really am? how i am at that second? or in the big picture? Do i just get it over with and say what they want to hear because they’re continuing to walk away anyhow.

I’m very literal, I’m not sure how deep should I go? Usually that question is asked by someone who doesn’t even know me. They don’t really care about my answer. Recently I entered a very pricey beauty mecca. Before I even got to check in at the front desk, I was accosted by 3 people, all DEMANDING I tell them how I was. I took awhile to check-in with my inner child, who had a brief conversation with my higher self and when I finally cast my pearls and answered that I was “perfect”.

(feelin’ groovy)

they just responded with ‘good’. Wow, what a let down.
Don’t they know that perfect is far better than ‘good’?
I could have saved three whole syllables and just smiled instead. I tried to do the right thing and provide an answer that was honest and true. I’ve had the same person ask me three or four times within a two minute period ‘howreyou?” I’m not sure if she had a short term memory problem (if so perhaps O-Tropin might help) or maybe she was not aware of the words that were falling from her mouth.
I would be happy to cast my pearls and share how i am,  if i knew her a bit better. It’s a very probing inquiry.
People actually leave messages on my voice mail asking ‘howreyou’? and then they leave the  remainder of the message. When I return the call and leave word on their voice mail I’m not sure if I should answer the question of ‘howreyou’ first, before getting to the meat of the call. It’s been awhile, do they still want to know? Did they ever? Did they ask that question when they really meant ‘hello’. Some people still have the stone age answering machine and they most often cut me off before I can finish leaving the answer to ‘howreyou’ and all the other information they wanted.

Sometimes a person will call me and ask “what’s up?”.
WTF? Didn’t you call me? Where do I begin? By the time I answer this question it will be tomorrow and I’ll be late for my first client.

My hope is that anytime a person asks another person ‘how are you’, they take a moment  —— connect with them —– and actually listen, give em a little energetic snuggle and a smile. We might all be having sweeter days.

As you see, this can be a very intimate and tricky question, but if you are from the mid-west ‘howre you doin’ is always responded to with ‘doin’ good’, but this is a complete other thing, this is like a cozy way of saying ‘howdy padhna’. This is an easy question to answer.

Usually I am fucking FABULOUS!!!!.  Do I say that out loud when someone I don’t know asks? (a la Lenny Bruce), or do I leave out the first “F” word? Or do I dumb it down with just plain ol’ “I’m fabulous”, or do i sell out completely and just go with ‘good’.

On a bad day, I’m perfect.

So now ………….can we get back to beauty?

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done? 
If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project. Please leave your comment and we’ll ‘Tawk”.

If you have a pal who needs a chuckle, please pass it on.
– Simone

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