Good Hair

by Simone on December 15, 2011

Good hair can only go so far.

After a rollicking week in the salon I needed to limber up, still my monkey mind and remember to surround all annoying people in a pink aura. So I grabbed my sticky mat, a gun and a bottle of holy water and did a walking meditation all the way to the gym.

While sitting in lotus position waiting for the yoga class to commence, I watched a woman on a recumbent bike inhale a dozen or so cookies followed by a bag of potato chips, all washed down with a pint of heavy cream. Groty I thought. But

The new food pryamid

ahh grasshappa, we mock what we do not know.
With a new outlook I thought  ‘How clever’, eating while exercising. …. of course!
The fat never has a chance to stick! I approached her on my knees to pay homage.
She said she was on a diet that encourages fat loading before dieting. okay, whatev, sort of homeopathic I figured.

Remember when we were told eggs were good and then they were dangerous and then somehow became good again? Carrots were good then bad. Tomatos were good, then deadly. Macaroni became pasta and then cost 24.00 a plate. Same with wine and then marijuana, spankings 🙂 and most recently gluten, what’s it going to next, blood letting?

Anyhow, The cookie diet and exercise regime made my gym experience far more entertaining than it would have been if I’d only been focusing on my breathing and ‘letting the earth support me’ and such.  I like the sound of that diet, but if I did it I wouldn’t ruin it by going to the gym. I’ve put on a pound or two along the way. I’ve found weight others have lost. I can still fit into my christening gown, but it binds in the waist and arms. It’s all relative, is it not? One man’s ceiling and all that rot. gawd, remember when it was chic to be Bulemic? Who’s got the time now? these days, there’s a line for the loo and anyhow, you need all fingers to text about it and get the experience onto your facebook to keep your friends in the loop.

So, the point of all this is that the fat loading lady had GORGEOUS hair. Fat does make hair happy. she was a testimony for fat loading.

Are you picking up what i’m laying down?  Fat or not, hair makes you hot.

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But it’s whats inside that really makes beauty. I’ve met many great looking women, and then they make the mistake of opening their mouths. It’s attitude and mind set that bring beauty home. I’ve seen women who are in no certain terms reubenesque who have that panache, confidence and open heart that makes them positively magnetic. It’s the attitude that makes the package. A good “do” alone can’t make a frumpasaourus into a princess. It’s the way you work your special spice.

that's what i'm tawkin' about

Wear it, own it, empbrace it, LOVE IT. You’ll know you are working it right if you have devotees following behind you on their knees. They are not clutching warrants for moving Beauty violations, but instead are hoping that if they can get close enough, they’ll get some of what you got, sister. and of course, once you are in ear-shot,  their first question will be “just where do you get your hair done?”.
Even on the street, the word is ………. ‘the follicle’.

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done? 
If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project. Please leave your comment and we’ll ‘Tawk”.
If you have a friend who could use a lift today, I hope you’ll pass this on.





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