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by Simone on December 29, 2010

I had a grandmother who not only was a beautician but she was elegant and magical. She could lift the spirits of her customers with a cocktail, a smile and her laughter. She was a smart dresser, a great cook, a fabulous entertainer, a wild driver and a lover of life. She would occasionally wake me at 4:30 am to “go get donuts’. She loved roller skating and roller coasters. My nan was a big fan of disco, John Travolta, and the weekly Coiffure and Manicure. She primarily wore black and white, even her luggage and under garments were black and white, and always, on her wrists were lots of silver bracelets. She was a believer in home made pasta and buying “the best” when possible. She had three Poodles (one black, two white) who also embraced the weekly hair and painted nail routine. Frequently, their painted nails matched my nan’s. She was what you might call eccentric, she was what i called ‘perfect’. She spread laughter everywhere she went and went to her grave touting the golden rule.

Because of her I grew up respecting and enjoying seniors. I loved to hear their stories, the way they looked at the world, their complaints and obsessions. I appreciated that for the most part they put care and effort into their appearance every day. I still melt when i see an older gent with a bow tie and suit, or a woman with gloves and a skirt and sweater set.

When I started doing hair  (it was after the baby Jesus was born) I intentionally chose my clientele. I was interested in the young and the fashionable, the music industry and people who were at least old enough to be my parents. This last group were the ones who raised me. I often had the opportunity to to do transformations on “little old ladies” with tight perms and odd hair colour . They would leave the salon prancing, re-entering the world as stylish hotties.

Now, after 30 years behind the chair the age gap is growing smaller. My clients are no longer far older than i am. It seems i have caught up.

In the salon we carry a line of anti aging products that have certainly worked miracles on me and countless clients. Though i am Fifty years old, i look and feel like a far younger person. I spent the week end at an out of state anti aging conference learning more about how to turn back the clock from the inside out, thus, aging gracefully. The people I met, especially the oldsters  flat out WOWED me. They were so full of energy. I was inspired by the way they looked and the things they were doing. It was remarkable. It was like being in a room full of toddlers jacked up on sugar. (except with more wrinkles and full heads of hair)

One of more memorable toddlers had lost over 60 lbs and is now grabbing life by the horns. She is an ice skater, she’s energetic, a fast thinker, and soooooo cheery,

she has a beautiful outlook on life. This woman is aging in reverse, and getting younger every day!  She is one of my idols. She is the woman I hope to be when I grow up.

And then there was this woman:

Pushing seventy nine, and still sassy. She had my Grandma’s special brand of magic.  she mysteriously looked fresh as a daisy at midnight. We were the only one’s in the elevator, I commented on her dress and pearls and then asked her how she was and she said “i’m perfect!’

That was an answer i could sink my chops into. That was a woman after my own heart.

As an elderly gentleman friend told me, “getting older is not for pussies”. I am beginning to get his drift, as it’s happening to me too. Aging can be down right inconvenient! I continue to be spell bound by the older generation. Heck, I work next to one of them in the salon and she keeps me hopping!

(Middle sixties and still taking nips between clients)
These days it’s as if you barely matter until you’re at least Fifty. Remember when ’30 something’ was old?
It’s a great time to be aging gracefully, and as usual, the hair counts for a lot. I know that any female senior  worth her salt will tell you that when it’s all said and done and everyone has gone home, the clothes are put away and the lights are off. It’s just you …. And your hair.
You see? it all comes down to the follicle.

Do you have a story about doing hair or having your hair done? 
If so, i want to hear from you for my Book Project. Please leave your comment and we’ll ‘Tawk”. If you have a pal who needs a chuckle, please pass it on. Simone

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